Supercharged NFTs.

NFT Company

We are excited to bring you a brand new crypto primitive - a programmable NFT. Programmable NFTs can represent far more than just digital art. They let you invest in DeFi, play games, perform tasks on behalf of you and more.

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DeFi NFTs: Automate DeFi with your NFTs. Track all your investments easily.
Let NFTs do the work.

  • Each NFT interfaces with a specific DeFi protocol.
  • NFT functions like a smart wallet and can be automated.
  • Assets are secure and segregated in each NFT.
  • Only NFT owners can perform DeFi transactions.
  • Assets from the NFT can be withdrawn anytime.
NFT Company
NFT Company

Developers: build DeFi, game, social media or any NFT you dream of.
Possibilities are endless.

  • Extend our base contracts to create new NFTs.
  • Get design, UI, smart contract and backend help from us.
  • Publish them on our marketplace and earn revenue.
  • And more.

Creators: make NFTs that do more than simply represent your creations.
Make the really special ones.

  • Make an NFT from your creation.
  • Tell us what new capabilities you wish to impart to your NFTs. We will help you program them.
  • Launch your supercharged NFTs into the world.
NFT Company

The world of Crypto

The Crypto world can be accessed in many ways: using exchanges like Coinbase and wallets like MetaMask. We believe NFTs will become a new major way the Crypto world is accessed. We are building this new "UI" to Crypto, starting with NFTs that interface with DeFi protocols.

NFT Company
NFT Company


We are backed by investors that believe in the long term potential of crypto. And won prizes at hackathons.

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What is a programmable NFT?

Why programmable NFTs?

What can be built with this primitive?

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When can I mint these NFTs?

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